Youth Sports

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Children’s Indoor Soccer (Ages 3 – 8)
Indoor T-Ball (Ages 4 – 6)
Introduction to Baseball (Ages 5 – 8)
Basketball Instruction (Ages 5 – 10)
Dodgeball League (Ages 9 – 13)
Flag Football ( Ages 8 – 12)
Floor Hockey (Ages 6 – 9)
Archery at Robin Hood’s Range (Ages 7 & up)
Skate Boarding 101 (Ages 8 – 13)
Climbing Class (Ages 7 – 13)
Tennis Classes

Children’s Indoor Soccer (Ages 3 – 8)

The objective of these classes is to introduce the wonderful game of soccer to the younger players in a fun enjoyable environment.

We will create a fun filled environment that is “pressure” free with the younger players and will introduce new soccer skills in a way that keep the children’s interest. The players will not only learn basic soccer skills but coordination and balance. The young players will learn to interact with others and learn to share the soccer ball. Maximum touches of the ball guaranteed!!!


Lacrosse Training (Ages 5 – 7)

Whether you are just picking up a stick for the first time or you are a lacrosse veteran this course is for you. Learn how to play defense, shoot faster, and move on and off the ball. Practice the basics of throwing, catching, and cradling while you learn the theory of the sport. This clinic and play style of instruction will apply what the player learns and reinforce it to be used in game situations.
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Indoor T-Ball (Ages 4 – 6)

Give your child a head start. Our indoor T-Ball class will teach beginners the basics of the game. Base running, hitting, and fielding are a few of the skills that will be developed in this program. We also have a main focus on teamwork and sportsmanship. Whether your child is a beginner or you just want to reinforce good fundamental skills, then this is the program for you.  Bring a glove!

Introduction to Baseball (Ages 5–8)

Give your child a head start. Our class will teach beginners the basics of the game. Base running, hitting, and fielding are a few of the skills that will be developed in this program. Bring a glove!

Basketball Instruction (Ages 5 – 10)

The ECC offers the most comprehensive, fun, and exciting basketball program to the area. This class will provide every child with the skills that will help them develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the game. Each player will be given individual attention.  Each session includes instruction, game play, contests, and educational disciplines.

Dodgeball League (Ages 9 – 13)

Welcome to the world of Dodgeball. This is a fast pace game and is played with soft foam balls and two opposing teams that are trying to eliminate the other players while avoiding being hit themselves. If a ball is caught than a team member is allowed back in the game and the person who threw it is out. Once a team has been totally eliminated the round has ended and best out of three rounds wins. Register early, limited spaces. Sign up individually or as a team.

Flag Football (Ages 8 – 12)

Football has moved indoors at the ECC. Come down and score a touchdown. Show off your skills throwing, running and catching while the ECC staff ensures safe and fair play. Good sportsmanship & teamwork are emphasized during the games.

Floor Hockey (Ages 6 – 9)

This fun interactive class is a great introduction to the game of hockey. The kids will be taught passing, shooting, stick handling, sportsmanship and safety. All you need is a pair of sneakers and a lot of energy to enjoy this class. Shin guards are recommended.

Archery Instruction at Robin Hood’s Range (Ages 7 & up)

Private lessons or range time is available upon request.

Come to the ECC and test your skill on the new archery range. Learn some of the basics in our instructional class or come down and just practice during the open range class. These do require pre-registration so we can provide proper time and equipment to make sure your archery session enjoyable. Our range moves indoors during the winter months so you can enjoy archery year round. While at the range please follow the instructor commands at all times to ensure safety. Keep an eye out for Robin Hood himself; you never know when he may come back for a visit!

Skate Boarding 101 (Ages 7 – 13)

This class will show the rider how to ride a skateboard. Starting with the basics learn the art of riding and balancing on the board. Then those that are ready, will be instructed at beginner, intermediate, and even expert level skateboarding tricks. With careful instruction every rider will feel prepared to take on any obstacle within their skill level with confidence. The class will include proper stretching and cardio techniques before every rider jumps on the board. Helmets are mandatory for all skaters and elbow and knee pads are needed for the beginner level participants. This class is tailored for all ages.

John Basil Skateboard Instructor Bio: John has been skateboarding for almost 15 years. He picked up the sport by watching his neighbor down the street skateboard every day. He would sit and watch him perform amazing tricks over different obstacles and then convinced his parents to buy him his first board. By the time he was a senior in high school John was sponsored by local skate shops and by the time he was 20 years old he was receiving flow from a few well known sponsors like element and spitfire. John now has the opportunity to share his knowledge with others in the community.

Rock Climbing Class (Ages 7 – 13)

Let the ECC staff give you a boost in your climbing skills.  Attend this weekly class and have fun working on bouldering, climbing and climbing challenges. Participants will keep weekly progress journals and create plans for improvement as as well as develop fundamental rock climbing skills.

It is a great workout while learning to conquer Mount ECC!

Redding-Easton Youth Wrestling Club

Scholastic  Folkstyle  wrestling  for  boys  and  girls  Kindergarten through 8th grade. All skill levels will be taught. The wrestling season will be starting Nov. 2015 through mid-March 2016. Please follow the link on the Easton Community Center’s or Redding Easton Boys and Girls Club’s website for more information or to register.

For more information, please visit the website at or email

To register follow the link to the Redding Easton Boys and Girls Club’s website.

Badminton Program (Ages 9 – 18)

Looking for a great way to exercise and have fun at the same time? Beginning – intermediate as well as experienced advanced players welcomed. Beginners are taught the basics and more advanced principles of the sport. While the beginners are being taught the intermediate/advanced players can just play. Every game is set up by the instructor to be both balanced and fun. Badminton is an Olympic sport, this is not your summer backyard game. Badminton is the fastest racquet sport in the world. Birds have been clocked at international competition at over 200 miles per hour.

Peter Bartush, badminton instructor has been playing badminton for more than 45 years. He has been coaching badminton for over 25 years. He has won Senior Connecticut State and New England Regional tournaments. In his junior programs, he has had many players win 1st place in the Connecticut State Junior Badminton Tournaments, New England Regional Junior Tournaments and participate in the USA Badminton National Junior Tournament, placing 5th in the nation in doubles.  He currently has over 5 badminton programs running in Fairfield, Westport and Easton, ranging from after school (K-3) +(4-6) , junior, advanced junior, adult and advanced adult programs.
Tennis Instruction

Instructor Bio: Pat DeNigris

Pat is a native of Connecticut and has been playing tennis from an early age, competing and winning several local tournaments.Pat went on to study and work in the entertainment field as an actor on Broadway and in Films and TV and was a personal bodyguard for many performers in the music industry as well as many movie stars including Robert DeNiro, Michael J. Fox, Whitney Houston and many others.
Pat’s passion for the arts can only be matched by his passion for the game of tennis.  Pat has been a member of USPTR since 2007 with Certifications in Teaching Advanced Stroke Production, Growing Kids, Growing Game, Match Play Drills for Singles and Doubles, Teaching Today’s Modern Game with a Ball Machine and Mental Game Mastery. Pat, in conjunction with the Wilton YMCA, has completed the Redwood Institute Risk Management Training.
Pat has taught and was the Head Pro at the Longshore Club in Westport for seven years. Pat has coached the USTA Westport Junior Tennis Team and has run programs in several towns thoughout the state for Parks and Recreation.