After School at the ECC

After School Program for Middle School Students at the ECC

This new enhanced after school program is a great service offered to family members and is an additional $100 for the entire school year once you are a family member. (Only $10 per month) Once you are signed up your child will receive free access to our middle school dances for the current school year.

The objective of the ASP is to provide a range of supervised programs that will attract the interest of children and their parents. The emphasis will be on program participation. This is not childcare but rather a drop in recreation program. No child will be without supervision.

Participants will be escorted from Helen Keller Middle school by an ECC staff member and participants will not be permitted to leave the building without prior written approval or until they are signed out by a parent or other authorized person. The program will consist of a snack shop, followed by a choice of organized activity and ending with supervised free play either in the gym or the teen center (see attached sample program). Attendance is voluntary depending on your child’s schedule. Only those registered in this program or other ECC program will be permitted to be in the facility during these times.

As this program will only be offered on school days, there will be no program on holidays when school is closed and on snow days. We do offer day trips that teens are able to sign up for most days when school is closed. Whenever possible, the ECC will accommodate early dismissals.

All participants must hold a current family membership, an up to date CT medical health form, a registration form with emergency contact information and $100 program fee. All of these forms can be picked up at our front desk. There will be a two week grace period to get all of this information to us.  After this date any child who comes to the After School Program without proper documentation will not be admitted to attend the program and must be picked up from the building.

ECC After School Program (ASP)

2:45PM – 3:30PM Arrival/sign in/Snack Shop

3:30PM – 4:30PM Supervised activities

4:30PM – 6:00PM Supervised Free Play / Parent Pick-up

(Please click on the icon below for an example schedule.)

Website_ASP Scheudle example -01

The ASP is an ECC family member service. Participants mist be a current family member, be registered in the program, and pay $100 program fee. (See our front desk for details)

Monthly Trips

New this year the after school program we will be offering fun and adventurous trips for those enrolled in the program. These trips will be held once a month and will be announced in the near future. Additional fees do apply.

Please call 459-9700 to register!