The Wanderers

Wanderers: Ages 4 – 6.5
Our Wanderers Camp offers a nurturing environment where young minds can explore, play, and learn together. With a focus on fostering creativity and social skills, the Wanderers Camp engages campers in a variety of age-appropriate activities, including arts and crafts, outdoor games, and interactive storytelling. Through a mix of structured and free play, the camp encourages curiosity and self-expression, making it an exciting and memorable introduction to the world of summer camps for the younger members of the community.
Please Note: Pack a snack & reusable water bottle – Lunch is provided to all campers. 

Weekly Camp Options

$345 Members // $390 Non-Members (Lunch Provided)

Under the guidance and supervision of our experienced staff, Wanderers campers will enjoy a wide variety of activities. These include: 

Movement Skills – Developing and improving hand-eye coordination and movement coordination that will enhance dexterity and balance.

Mini Sports – Scaled down versions of a variety of popular sports with adapted equipment. Each sport is taught within an adventure type environment.

Story Time – Our counselors will read from traditional favorites to modern children’s literature.

Arts & Crafts – A wide spectrum of art and craft activities that will introduce campers to a variety of art forms and an opportunity to explore their own unique imagination. 

Singing and Music – A combination of popular songs plus some special camp tunes and the opportunity to make music of their own.

Special Days & Events – There will also be a number of special events that take place throughout the summer, such as hat days, color days and carnivals.

All of these activities are carried out in a positive environment that makes the Wanderers Camp a great choice in the development of a youngster.