Youth Sports

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Archery: (Ages 7+)

Come to the ECC and test your skill on the new archery range. Learn some of the basics in our instructional class or come down and just practice during the open range class. These do require pre-registration so we can provide proper time and equipment to make sure your archery session enjoyable. Our range moves indoors during the winter months so you can enjoy archery year-round. While at the range please follow the instructor commands at all times to ensure safety. Keep an eye out for Robin Hood himself; you never know when he may come back for a visit! 

Junior Badminton: (Ages 9-18)

At the ECC our badminton course is focused on teaching the fundamental skills of badminton. Basic strokes; the overhead and the underhand clears, the high, low, flick and drive serves, drive, drop, and smash; history, rules, scoring, and court etiquette. Basic singles and doubles court play and game strategies. While the beginners are being taught the intermediate/advanced players can free play. Every game is set up by the instructor to be both balanced and fun.

Youth Basketball: (Ages 3-5)

The ECC offers the most comprehensive, fun, and exciting basketball program to the area. This class will provide every child with the skills that will help them develop an appreciation and enjoyment of the game. Each player will be given individual attention. Each session includes instruction, game play, contests, and educational disciplines.

Flag Football: (Ages 9-13)

Classes include the Fundamentals, such as: rules, positions, footwork, body control, flag pulling, catching, and throwing; as well as Advanced Concepts, such as: short and long routes, man-to-man and zone defenses, offensive formations, and red zone strategies. CORE Coaches play quarterback, which allows for more advanced play calling and ensures that all participants get the ball. Classes conclude with scrimmages where Coaches help participants implement their skills in real-game situations.

Gaga Ball: (Ages 9-13)

Gaga is a fast paced, high-energy sport played in an octagonal pit. The more players the better! Dubbed a kinder gentler version of dodge ball, the game is played with a soft foam ball, and combines the skills of dodging, striking, running, and jumping, while trying to hit opponents with a ball below the knees. Players need to keep moving to avoid getting hit by the ball. Fun and easy, everyone gets a serious workout.

Indoor Soccer: (Ages 3-5)

The objective of these classes is to introduce the wonderful game of soccer to young players in a fun enjoyable environment.

Indoor T-Ball: (Ages 3-6)

Give your child a head start. Our indoor T-Ball class will teach beginners the basics of the game. Base running, hitting, and fielding are a few of the skills that will be developed in this program. We also have a main focus on teamwork and sportsmanship. Bring a glove!

Multi-Sports (Youth): (Ages 3-5)

Let your child explore the wonderful world of sports. This class will take your child through many different sports to give your child an introduction to soccer, basketball, lacrosse and baseball. Our coach’s fun interactive style of coaching helps the players understand the sport and improve on balance and coordination while learning the game.

Parent and Tot Playgroup: (Ages 1-3)

The goal of our Parents & Tots class to learn and develop together. Under the guidance and supervision of an experienced Playtots staff member, each one-hour class includes music, story time, movement, arts & crafts and free play. The program focuses on sensory skills and socialization specific to each age level.