Distance Learning Program

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Session Information: 
  • November 30–December 11
  • December 14–23
(Will continue to hold until schools return back full-time.)
Required Forms to Attend Program
  1. Health form with immunizations (physical within the last 2 years)
  2. Emergency contact and authorized pick-up form
  3. Covid-19 waiver
  4. ECC Global waiver
Medications and Care Plans
  • If Medications are needed to be held or administered during the program, we require the medication to be properly labeled, in its original container, not expired with an authorization of medication form signed by parent and physician. 
  • If a child has a medical condition that does not require medication on site, a care plan from the parent with instruction is needed prior to attending the program. 
  • If your child has any conditions that may affect them during the day please contact the ECC so we can discuss the care plan. 

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Program Description
The cohorts will be no more than 16 children and will wear masks when in the ECC. We will be practicing social distancing and a signed waiver acknowledging the precautionary measures we put in place to prevent the spread of Covid-19 is required. The program will operate from 8am-2:30pm and will have early and late care if needed. There will be a two day and a three-day option. 
Children must provide their own:
  • Laptop or ipad and charger
  • Headphones
  • Books, notebooks, pens and any other school supplies needed to complete assignments
  • Water bottle
  • Schedule and List of Passwords that are needed for Distance Learning
  • Nut free snack and lunch. (Lunches can be ordered from Easton Village Store.)
(The ECC is not responsible for lost or broken equipment.)
Children will have their own designated space to do their school work. They will get lunch breaks, mask breaks as well as opportunities to get outside to get some exercise. Participants would be required to follow all ECC preventive measures as it relates to Covid-19 including children will be required to wear masks when indoors and when a 6 foot distance can’t be maintained. 
Code of Conduct & Program Schedule
Children must follow the code of conduct below:
  1. Respect the Staff at all times.
  2. Respect the facility and Equipment.
  3. Respect your fellow participants. 
  4. Use appropriate language.
  5. Rude and inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated.
  6. Use indoor voices, no shouting or screaming. 
  7. Keep your hands and feet to yourselves.
  8. Follow the Staff’s instructions at all time.
  9. If you have a problem, please come to a staff member for help.
  10. Please ask permission from a staff member before leaving a designated area.
Please respond to this email if you are interested in this program with what days of the week you would need care for, what school/grade your child is in and if early or late care would be needed. 
(Limited spaces available and pre-registration is required.) 
$130 Members / $145 Non-members = 2 days per week
$170 Members / $190 Non-members = 3 days per week
Registration will be in two-week increments 
 $260 Members / $290 Non-members – 4 days of care
$340 Members / $380 Non-members – 6 days of care
Late care 2:30-5:30pm – $120 Members / $140 Non-Members – 4 Days of care
Late care 2:30-5:30pm – $160 Members / $200Non-Members – 6 Days of care
ECC Distance Learning Program Schedule
Drop off
Will be on the right side of the ECC where you will see an orange fence. Please keep a distance of 6 feet from other while dropping off and picking up. Parking is available around the loop or in the lower parking lot for Veterans field. 
DL Day 8:30am-3pm
Children are screen upon arrival and assigned to their cohort and area.
Lunch and snacks will be eaten at their work stations or outside when the school schedule dictates. 

Distance Learning Easton Village Store (EVS) Lunch Program
Lunches can also be available for purchase through the Easton Village Store. All orders must be ordered the day before or no later than 8AM the day of. You can call the Easton Village Store via: 203-268-5618 to place your order. All orders are directly placed through EVS and must be nut free. Please see the attached order form with more information. You can also order for multiple days in advance.

EVS x ECC Distance Learning Menu

will be a curbside service where if you pull up around the loop between 2:50pm-3:10pm a staff member will be there to confirm who you are picking up and your child(ren) will be escorted to your vehicle out the side door of ECC. 
Aftercare stay in assigned groups and participate in afternoon activities. Activities can include but not limited to Bingo, Trivia, DVD games, Movies and outdoor sports that can be played safely. 
Late care pick-up will need to call the main ECC number and dial extension 104 so the staff are alerted that you are in the lot waiting for your child.